Some news about KF5

Things moved recently about kf5 in mageia. We had, since a long time, the framework part.

Now that the first stable release is out we packaged the desktop/workspace  release based on KF5.

Unfortunalty this can’t be co-installed in parallel of KDE4. For the moment ( not yet clean packages ) you have to follow those steps:

1- Remove  kdebase4-workspace ( this will remove a bunch of packages workspace dependant ( plasma applets, etc).
2- install plasma-desktop and plasma-workspace

3 restart your session and in your favorite DM go in KF5.

Keep in mind that those are experimental packages.

To report « packaging » bugs, please go to the Mageia Bugzilla

To report funcionnal bugs, please go to KDE Bugzilla

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6 réponses à “Some news about KF5”

    • You are right, i changed it back. I don’t use the plasma.desktop file because our filetriggers create one. Don’t hesitate to tell me when i do some « branding » errors and i will fix.

  1. Unfortunately the entry for new plasma desktop did not get added into the DM menu. The entry was present in /etc/X11/wmsession.d , but lightdm did not recognize it…

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