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  • Some dreams about mageia 7

    As we released mageia 6 and we released Pulse 4.0 at  work i had some time to think about what i would like to see, to do for mageia 7. I will continue to work on Plasma/KDE as this is the DE i use daily and i love it. Plasma will be better integrated and […]

  • Plasma 5.8.2, Applications 16.08.2 and Frameworks 5.27.0 available in Mageia

    Mageia KDE Team just finished to push in Mageia cauldron : – Plasma 5.8.2 ( the Plasma LTS version ) – KDE Applications 16.08.2 – KDE Frameworks 5.27.0 If you find packaging bugs don’t hesitate and come in Mageia Bugtracker And if you want to join KDE Team and help you can mail us or […]

  • Come help mageia with us

    it is with pleasure that I see that Mageia is increasingly used. However, this implies more work. It is important that more contributors help the distribution and it can be done at different levels: Graphics, web, testing, packaging (KDE, Java Kernel, etc.). If you are interested, please join us ( or on irc freenode #mageia-dev […]

  • KDE Applications 15.08 RC

    KDE Applications 15.08 RC is now available in Mageia cauldron with new akonadi and Kdepim based on KF5. As reminder, please report bugs to KDE Bugzilla and packaging bug to Mageia Bugzilla

  • Major update in cauldron

    Now that cauldron is open, the kde team has updated KF5 to 5.12.0, Plasma to 5.3.2 and Kde Applications to 15.04.3. we have added minimal kde-workspace and kdebase4-runtime that can now be installed with plasma. This migration is a good way to remove old and unmaintained apps. If you want to help don’t be shy […]

  • Some work on sddm

    Sddm in cauldron is now updated to the last release ( 0.0.9 ) and it is now working. Some work have been done for in the pam config file. If you want to test it in mageia you will need to do : systemctl disable prefdm.service && systemctl enable sddm.service On next reboot it will […]

  • Some news about KF5

    Things moved recently about kf5 in mageia. We had, since a long time, the framework part. Now that the first stable release is out we packaged the desktop/workspace  release based on KF5. Unfortunalty this can’t be co-installed in parallel of KDE4. For the moment ( not yet clean packages ) you have to follow those […]

  • Some news about KF5 » KF5 on Mageia

    After some weeks of work, we now have in mageia the First Alpha of KF5. This is the first step to have this new Version usable, as we now need to wait for the runtime and workspace pieces to be available, we miss a task-framework or task-kf5 but this will come later. This is about […]