urpmi in mageia 7

URPMI is an old mageia tool but has known over the years to show its usefulness.

For Mageia 7 there would be two projects concerning URPMI:

  • Migrate URPMI to use libsolv
  • Add support for the latest rpm.org features in URPMI

To do this, we are looking for perl developers who could help our main developer.

Feel free to come on the chan #urpmi on freenode or to mail me.

Some dreams about mageia 7

As we released mageia 6 and we released Pulse 4.0 at  work i had some time to think about what i would like to see, to do for mageia 7.

I will continue to work on Plasma/KDE as this is the DE i use daily and i love it.
Plasma will be better integrated and will know some updates for mageia 6 (stay tuned 😉 ).
I would love to see an educational flavour for Mageia. I kind of started with mageia 6 by adding some tools of abuledu but had to remove some parts.

If someone wants to help on this task, you can directly contact me.

The second task would be a server flavour for mageia by integrating pulse better. I started by working on openldap yesterday.

As for the first task, if someone want to works on this or directly on Pulse ( python, php apps ) you can directly contact me.

KDE Applications 15.08 RC

KDE Applications 15.08 RC est maintenant disponible dans Mageia Cauldron ( uniquement les applications KF5 pour le moment).
Avec l’arrivée de KDE Applications 5.08 RC, nous sommes heureux d’accueillir Kdepim porté sur KF5. Étant donné que ce fut pour la team Kdepim un énorme travail, il est important que vous remontiez tous vos bugs sur le Bugzilla KDE afin que tous soient pris en compte et corrigés.

En parallèle de cet ajout Plasma a été corrigé dans Cauldron et le bogue des « icônes manquantes » est aussi corrigé.

Pour rappel:

Bugzilla KDE: Remonté de bogues liés aux logiciels
Bugzilla Mageia: Remonté de bogues de packaging ( conflicts, etc).

Major update in cauldron

Now that cauldron is open, the kde team has updated KF5 to 5.12.0, Plasma to 5.3.2 and Kde Applications to 15.04.3.

we have added minimal kde-workspace and kdebase4-runtime that can now be installed with plasma.

This migration is a good way to remove old and unmaintained apps.

If you want to help don’t be shy 🙂

Known issues:
SystemSettings has no icons if .kde is missing.
No customisation for now.

Some news about KF5

Things moved recently about kf5 in mageia. We had, since a long time, the framework part.

Now that the first stable release is out we packaged the desktop/workspace  release based on KF5.

Unfortunalty this can’t be co-installed in parallel of KDE4. For the moment ( not yet clean packages ) you have to follow those steps:

1- Remove  kdebase4-workspace ( this will remove a bunch of packages workspace dependant ( plasma applets, etc).
2- install plasma-desktop and plasma-workspace

3 restart your session and in your favorite DM go in KF5.

Keep in mind that those are experimental packages.

To report « packaging » bugs, please go to the Mageia Bugzilla

To report funcionnal bugs, please go to KDE Bugzilla