Some work on sddm

Sddm in cauldron is now updated to the last release ( 0.0.9 ) and it is now working. Some work have been done for in the pam config file.

If you want to test it in mageia you will need to do :

systemctl disable prefdm.service && systemctl enable sddm.service

On next reboot it will not use prefdm anymore but sddm will start.

If you notice any probleme, please report your bug into Mageia Bugzilla.

Une réflexion au sujet de « Some work on sddm »

  • 10 août 2014 à 16 h 59 min

    I guess the translations do not work yet? At least putting a *qm file into /usr/share/sddm/translations did not have any effect.


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